Excellent Remodeling in San Antonio, Texas

To whom this may concern:

Alamo Community College District has utilized the service of “Greater Texas Remodeling” and their product, Tex-Cote Classic System.  On an exterior coating project at St. Philip’s College.  We were very satisfied with the finished results that were obtained.

We are also currently considering the use of the Tex-Cote System in relation to eight other projects that are in various stages of planning at this time.  One of these future projects could be the use of the Tex-Cote system on the 30,000 square foot Gymnasium at St. Philip’s College.

The architectural firm of Ford, Powell and Carson. Inc. was part of the approval cycle in the first project that was mentioned and they are also quite satisfied with the achieved results at St. Philip’s College.

Ron Coller, Manager

Ron Coller, Manager
District Maintenance & Facilities Planning

To whom this may concern:

Were our vendors for installation of home siding.  During the period of installation we observed the high quality of professional workmanship displayed by the workers and field personnel.  We particularly impressed at the thoroughness and detail craftsmanship.

The Company met the deadlines, and have been forthcoming with adjustments and corrections when necessary.

In short, it is pleasure to recommend “Greater Texas Remodeling” to you.  Feel free to call me if you have any further questions about the company or my own experience dealing with it.

Mr. and Mrs. Adolfo D. Gutierrez

I own an old home, it is approximately 35 years old.  I purchased and have been living here about 8 years.

Shortly after that he asked if I would consider installing new windows for my home, I did not think I needed these but after Cliff demonstrated the sample windows.  I decided  to go ahead and have it done.  Cliff greatly assisted my in obtaining financing, he did most of the leg work and all I did was sign documents and of course payments.

After the installation was completed and installer’s left I took immediate notice that my Air conditioning unit on for a minute or two and stopped.  I thought there was something wrong with my AC.  I thought to myself “Oh great after this expense my AC decides to breakdown “So I manually lowered the temperature but then again after a few minutes the AC stopped and did not come back on, little did I realize the windows were the factor the cold air stayed in so AC did not have to work as hard.

The other factor was the silencing of outside noises, my neighbors are early risers, and some type of construction workers, they sometimes load their trucks very early in the morning, starts their vehicles and leave.  My bedroom is next to their driveway and since the installation of my new windows I do not hear them all.

My neighbors across the street immediately noticed how my home looked, at first they could not see what was done, but they saw a different look.  Then  after a while they noticed the windows and exclaimed the beauty of that alone.

Now of course I am upset because some hoe some way I am going to have fix up my front  yard to add beauty to show off my new windows.  I am going to invite Cliff to my home next spring to dig up some parts of my yard to plant flowers and shrubs…Just kidding.

Ralph Ratcliff

Dear Sir/Ma’am,

I am writing this letter to thank your company for the superior work, your employee did for us at our residence.  We are extremely pleased with the result.  We now have a beautiful patio cover that can be  enjoyed for years to come!  We are grateful for the excellence service we have received from, However, we would like to thank in particular Mr. Cliff Reams.

When my husband and I decided to have a patio cover built proceeded with some trepidation.  We did some research and contacted to ask for an estimate.  From the onset, Cliff Reams put us at great ease.  He is a gentlemen as well as professional.  Cliff came to our home at 6:00 pm on a Friday evening, which immediately impressed upon us on that you’re Company is flexible in meeting your customer’s  needs.  Cliff come to our home prepared with a portfolio and a physical sample for us to examine in order to gain a better understanding of the materials that would be used.  It aided us greatly in our decision making.

When Cliff informed us that the work would be commenced within a week, our decision was solidified.  Imagine our greater satisfaction when the workers who came to our home were extremely polite, gracious and considerate.  In fact, the men were still laboring when we arrived home from work and we were able to see the fruits of their efforts immediately! With the exception of the finishing touches, the job would be completed in less that in a day!  That is marvelous service!.

The swiftness, thoroughness, and excellence of the work speak volumes!  We will not hesitate in the future to recommend to our family and friends your Company! We are ecstatic with the results and appreciate your’s, Mr. Reams and your employee’s hard work and determination in seeing customer satisfaction through to its fruition!

Brian and Gina Faro

Dear Cliff

Congratulations! You have been judged a winner in the Lone Star Award competition.  Sponsored by BMC/West, Lone Star Plywood & Door and Stripling Blake Lumber Co., Texas BUILDING trends magazine’s Lone Star awards has recognized “Excellence in Remodeling” since 1996.

You and the quality of your work have been set the standard by which your peers in Texas will be judged.  As last year, we have arranged to have a luncheon that brings all of the Winners and their guest together.

Gary Stanford, Publisher

To whom it may concern:

La Quinta Motor Inns, has used Tex-Cote as an application for approximately 100 of its concrete precast buildings.  We have found it to be a satisfactory product.  It is highly durable and economical.  The only maintenance every three or four years has been a power-washing to remove dirt and grime.

Thanks to Mr. Cliff Reams

Philip of Renovations

To: Mr. Cliff Reams and Chuck Hartman,

My husband and I would like to thank you both so much for helping us make our house become our “Dream Home!”  We greatly appreciate all that have done for us and for the beautiful quality of work that you have put into our home.

Our families and friends were greatly impressed and amazed at the differences your Company has made in our home.

I have received numerous complaints from family, friends and even strangers passing on our street.

We want to thank you both again and hope to talk to you both again in the near future about some additional remodeling on our beautiful home.

Mr. & Mrs. Marcus (Edna) Roof